New Ecommerce Trends for Online Sellers In India

We know that images make or break an e-commerce store. Studies have shown that 90% of decisions to buy something online is dependent on the item’s image. And in India most consumers still research their purchase visually before making a decision to purchase. So, making sure your visuals are up to par can really help you increase your sales and profits.

10 New Ecommerce Trends for Online Sellers

New Ecommerce Trends

  1. Payment by Card
  2. Cashless Transactions
  3. Introduce Social Tab
  4. Ecommerce Payment Gateways
  5. Miniature Shopping
  6. Mobile Integration
  7. Personalisation
  8. Social Media Reviews
  9. 9.SMO
  10. SEO

Ecommerce product photography

In the past few years, like most of the world, India has made leaps in digitalization. General access to the internet and smart devices is widespread. Indian e-commerce sectors have also been steadily growing through innovation and regulatory changes. However, with all this growth there is still a diversity in e-retailers as well as a weakness in product photography skills.
Indian sellers are able to showcase multiple products and use new technology for content management systems for faster selling power, but visuals have not yet caught up. To combat this issue, many websites post high quality images for their customers in a way that notifies marketers about any changes made to those snapshots. There are social media photo editing services which help retailers create their own brands or store customized

Why product photography is important

Nobody wants a sub-par product, but sometimes the reality is that they receive one. When this happens, it’s important to have terrific product photography and descriptions to justify their purchase. If you’re an online seller in India and have fallen into this trap, you’ll want to read on as we provide advice for improving your photography. An analysis of the product photography shows that ecommerce sites in India are focusing very heavily on making the product look good. This has made it