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This eCommerce product photography Service in India based in Gurgaon, Product Photography Gurgaon has the mission to understand the concept of the clients and transfer the idea into the video or product photography.

Creative and lifestyle product photography services are offered at our Gurgaon studio and on – site for brochures, marketing media etc.

These are one of the best Product Photography Company in Gurgaon and India which are engaged in creating various photography services for jewellery and other products.

Apart from Delhi, they provide product photography and many other services across the world in New York, Ontario, Amsterdam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Mumbai, etc. is Certified Portal Product Photography for Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad & IMT Manesar with lowest cost & pricing.

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There are thousands of sellers in India and around the world who gets On – board daily on these portals and thus they search out for product photographers in Delhi / NCR, product photographers in Gurgaon / Haryana or product photographers in Noida etc.

It specializes in e – commerce categories like garments, jewellery, electronic items, footwear, automobiles, home and appliance, stuff toys, furniture, power tools, games, sports equipment, kitchen, handicrafts items or any other accessories.

Specializes in reflective subjects like jewellery, industrial products, steel utensils / products, our studio is equipped with latest product photography equipment to produce high quality product and jewellery photography.

With a fully equipped high – end studio, based in the Gurgaon City area, he photographs the product and still life images for many world – renowned beauty and cosmetics brands.

For this various kind of jewellery photography services are available such as jewellery photography on model catalogue designing, creative jewellery photography, 360-degree jewellery photography, etc.

Above are the samples of catalogue photography for websites, professional photography, catalogue photography, product photography, designs photography and garment photography done by professional photographer. catalogue photographer, product photographer, design photographer and website photographers.

With Product Photography in Gurgaon, we are specialized in Life Photography like in Apparel Photography, Fashion Wear Photography, Industrial Photography, Jewellery Photography, Food Photography, Interior Photography, Architectural Photography, Ecommerce Product Photography, Machine Photography and much more.

Agency provides different photography and image enhancement services & light photo retouching, image editing, modelling portfolio shoots, print catalogue photography, jewellery photography, interior photography, 360-degrees product photography look book shoot, fashion photography and many others.

We ‘ve been working non – stop to provide the best ecommerce product photography since many years, have been providing high – quality product image to our customers.

Unlike the former, a lifestyle image provides the customer with an image of real – life use of the product in question.

In the eCommerce field, product photography is the process of capturing quality product images for items listed on – sale on an online store.

If you also intend to cross – sell certain products, lifestyle images provide a chance to subtly show the product alongside complimentary items.

With that in mind, excellent ecommerce product images represent the only way for a merchant to show the visitors the visual aspects of the item.

Total the number of images required in each product or photography category by multiplying the number of products in each category by the number of images required for the category.

The number of images per product has a maximum, images over – and – above the maximum will be charged at a specified rate.

Now that you know all your product or photography categories and the number of images required in each category the service provider can come up with an accurate per image price for each category and therefore the total cost for the project.

For how to do this, read 3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting on a White Background or this: Tips for Fast and Effective Studio Product Photography.

Below, we go over how to build a photography studio from scratch and learn from expert product photographers how to create shots that will be the envy of your competitors.

If you are a Product photographer or graphic designer, then we can help you reduce all the photo post – processing burden and save you some of your valuable time.

For more creative tips and guidance, visit and let our fashion photographer in Green Park offer you more insight on the topic.

We do not settle for product photography that is less than exceptional, so you don’t have to worry when you choose Gurgaon Corporate Photography & Video.

A Fottox product photographer from our company is sure to be well – versed with whatever they are asked to take product photography of.

Especially in a large city like Gurgaon Delhi (NCR), to compete you must have the best photography of your products taken by a professional product photographer.

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Heavy products are difficult to handle, often requiring both the photographer and the helper to lift and position the product on the table.

Sets can be time – consuming to build and photographing sets takes much longer than photographing products on a table – top.

For these images the photographer will need to prepare multiple products (unpacking, cleaning etc.) and lay them out on the photography table.

This product has over 80 parts that need to be laid out on the table; this process would take more than 20 minutes per product.

These products almost always require a larger photography table and large camera stand so the camera can get high enough over the table or platform to fit the product in the image frame.

With a background in design and interactive programming, he is constantly seeking new ways to push the technological boundaries of his medium and give full expression to his creative vision.

He studied a lot about art and particularly how to shape and visualize a form and thinking about how materials work and how they can be pushed beyond.

Fueled by passion and dedication towards photography, Fottox team hold immense experience in each category with the vision of providing brands with best in class visuals and images.

Fujifilm has a great range of cameras, and hence one of its cameras makes it to the list, which you can bank on for product shoots.

If you are planning to dive deeper into professional product photography, then this camera by Fujifilm can prove to be handy.

If you want to go beyond the quality of a smartphone camera, a digital camera — also known as a digital single – lens reflex camera, or DSLR – is the next step.

To make the decision – making process a little easier for you, here’s a list of some of the best DSLR cameras available on Amazon.

Nikon has been ruling the market when it comes to professional cameras so the list would have been incomplete without mentioning the Nikon D7200 – an ideal DSLR for product shoots.

For these close – up shots the photographer will need to adjust their lights, change lenses, and possibly add a ring flash to the camera for additional lighting.

For web images that are shot in a controlled light environment, you don’t need most of the features that come with expensive cameras.

Photography is an art that has the power to change the complete appearance of a product just by changing a few angles and lighting arrangements.

But an at – home studio is not going to be as equipped as a rented space with the full lighting, reflectors, umbrellas, flash camera — the whole gamut.

They have the expensive equipment to make high resolution, high quality images that will entice your customers to purchase your products over your competitors.

You may have the best products in the world, but people won’t know unless they are accompanied by high quality images of your products.

Therefore, the images must be of superior quality, capable of doing justice to the real texture and features of the products concerned.

This is because the demand for good images is very high as it is directly related to the sales of the product.

Again, no matter what products you are selling, make sure the images of those products portray them at their very best so potential customers are more inclined to buy them.

Ultimately, by showing the world your food through the eye of an experienced food photographer, more people will want to eat it, and more customers will in turn have the privilege of tasting your delicious food.

Imagine the effort that it took to layout these plates of food – a fair bit of styling I would think.

Food love is one of the most unique form of love, and visually appealing food never fails to catch anyone’s attention.

Keeping the same in mind, our team has been successfully able to carve a niche in the market when it comes to food photography, by capturing some spectacular food shots for well – known brands as well as hotels.

Whether it is a simple cup of tea or dishes from exotic and less explored cuisines, a beautifully captured plate or a meal always attracts eyeballs.

The journey of the Fottox started 10 years back when it was started as a passion, and later it turned into a profession to provide perfection to clients.

Yet another major player in the market, Canon has been a go – to brand for most professional photographers out there.

In his own words, he did not start his career as a product photographer, he started at the bottom, freelancing for community newspapers, then as a photojournalist, and ultimately collaborating on a campaign for the world’s most iconic consumer brands.

Though the majority of brands seem to use white background product photos, it’s also important to showcase a variety of shots for potential customers.

They make sure that all products are shot on the same backgrounds (or at least backgrounds that feel the same ), with the same lighting and the same cropping.

Even if you can’t achieve a white background in – shot, a clean space will make it easier to change the background color later.

There’s a reason why most product photos have a white backdrop: white reflects light back onto the product, so its details are clear.

This type of photography requires that the product photographer capture a series of a clean – cut, white background picture that prominently features the product from different angles that a potential customer needs to see.

For natural lighting, that means putting your camera, product, and the window at right angles to each other so that the sun illuminates your product without blinding your camera.

If the sunlight is too harsh or creating shadows, place white paper or sheer white curtain over the window to diffuse the light.

Paddison recommends using a desk lamp with a piece of tissue or printer paper if your windows do not provide enough natural light.

It is very essential to pay attention to the lighting that you since bad lighting can make the product look lifeless and dull.

Even the shortest rolls of white paper are long, around 20 to 30 feet, and you can reuse the paper for multiple shoots.